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The more generic OOC Permissions stuff.


Threadhopping: Go ahead! I'll refrain unless otherwise given permission, myself.
This is a backtag-friendly game, so I shouldn't have to talk about that.


Hugging: Sure!
Kissing: No major qualms; expect him to not react well if you're a guy, though.
OH MY: Courtesy of George Takei.
Shipping: ...Shipping comes AFTER the rest? What. ANYWAY, if you've reached that point that you've done any of the above, you already know I ship anything and everything.

Fighting: Naturally. Beat the shit out of him if you want.
Injury: ...bound to happen, but do keep in mind that he has survived the destruction of the world.

IC Trigger Warning: Best not to bring up dead girlfriends around him.

Anything Else: Not really.
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First, let's get this out of the way.

Locke is skilled in all sorts of "treasure hunting". This includes picking your pockets, sneaking into your cabin, or stealing the clothes right off your back. Naturally, for many characters - and even players - this is Not Okay.

That's where this post comes in. Answer the following questions in a reply, please:

Can Locke steal from your character(s)? This includes mostly pickpocketing, in your typical game.

Can Locke sneak into your room and mess with your stuff? Naturally, lockpicking is not quite as easy, given that the doors are much higher-tech than the stuff in his home world, but he'll slip in there one way or another.

Is there anything he's otherwise allowed to not mess with? Any secrets you, as a player, want to keep hidden? Let me know! Comments will be screened in order to prevent spoiling other players.
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Locke here is based mostly off of the Japanese script - which is to say, he's more the FF6A version than the Super NES FF3 version. How am I doing with him? Good, bad, should I go jump off a cliff?

This is your generic HMD post. Comments are screened, and I will always reply to concrit, be it issued here or in PM.


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